Now, our office can be anywhere and everywhere.All we need is a computer and internet connection. The data and the programs you have on your office’s computer can be accessible from everywhere, with security. Your office phone and your phone line are connected to your laptop or your cell phone. So, wherever you are you can get in touch and communicate with your coworkers as if you were in the office.Texnotopia undertakes the design and implementation of the long distance running of the office , always deciding the best solution depending on cost and the technical equipment.

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All these solutions are based on VPN, virtual private networking, with strong passwords and encryption so there can always be security, during the connection with your office. You can do that 364 days a year, 24 hrs a day even if your office has other branches out of the country.

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The end result is of multiple benefits, as nothing can interfere and hinder the continuation of work. Please contact us for a list of our services and the benefits of an office with long distance operation.

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